Tim Slatter – Artist

Tim Slatter Etching

Tim comes from and started his business in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire in 1997 and went on to show in over 150 shows as far away as North India.

Tim has a passion for the art of etching he takes a sheet of steel and rolls beeswax over it, then draws detailed images into the wax. The steel plate is then thrown into metal eating acid, which runs through the holes in the beeswax and chews into the steel. Different coloured oil paints are then carefully rubbed into the tiny etched lines, and more colours rolled over the top. The plate is laid onto an etching press and acid free paper is laid onto the plate, and squeezed between rollers at a pressure of three tonnes. The ink is transferred onto the paper and gives the final etching.

16 etchings are in the permanent collection of the Houses of Parliament, and has pictures in collections in several countries, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, India and America.

His wave paintings started as a direct result of being an Island Dweller, being out on the beaches and on the water in yachts and kayaks. Tim loves the sea in all its moods, from the flat calm of a creek or summer evening to the winter storms.

Tim shows his etchings widely and is currently showing at The Hepworth, Wakefield at the Hepworth Printfair 2018. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fhepworthwakefield.org%2Fwhats-on%2Fprint-fair%2F&h=ATOTrwg4pZFRO44oa6wTArzc8TR_999D7r5lyMmrCxOdnjvDbKRQcClRRHHLik-Sm478bBLo6i2jyEyx6s326KBilHGLRR21ofgMz38JPuOf5JSptTHmcbSNZ8OtAldBog



Tim and His Royal Highness Prince Charles

Prince Charles opened one of Tim’s shows at the Prince’s Trust Head Office, and accepted an etching from the artist.

Past Shows / Exhibitions

  • Bonham’s Fine Art Auctioneers
  • Lotherton Hall
  • The Mall Galleries
  • Ripley Castle
  • The Reubens Gallery
  • Barn Galleries, Henley
  • Best of show at The Ripon Art Festival in 2002
  • Best Artist: Brighton Open House 2008
  • Clifton Fine Art, Bristol.
  • Kendalls fine art, Cowes
  • Statihes Gallery
  • Carina Haslam Gallery