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Tim Slatter studied Illustration at the University of Kingston and received a BA(Hons). After travelling in India and the US he returned to his childhood home of Wensleydale to apprentice  with the Master Etcher and Painter Piers Browne  for 3 years.


He then joined the Princes Trust and went into business. After having a studio at The Chocolate Factory in Stoke Newington North London, he moved to Whitstable, then the Isle of Wight to help raise his Son Harry, who is now an accomplished sailing student at UKSA.


Tim has exhibited at over 300 shows, galleries and fairs nationally, and has won best artist: Great Northern show 2002,  best artist: Brighton Open house 2008, and appeared on Dales Diary on ITV. He has 16 etchings in the permanent collection at the Palace of Westminster. His Main Gallery is Clifton Fine Art in Bristol.

tim publicity shot.png

Tim is principally an etcher, line etching and pattern aquatinting into steel and zinc plates.

He then inks these plates up with heavy oil based printing inks, and prints onto acid free paper on either a rollaco, or gunning press. 

His interest is in the landscapes and city scapes he travels in, and his style has frequently been compared to that of the Victorian Illustrator Arthur Rackham, but with a Japanese style.

Tim also paints large trees, landscapes and seascapes to commission.

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